Day in the Life Interview with Jamie Kenny and Jane Naughton in Spain

Hey guys. Here is our “Day In The Life” segment?. Meet
Jamie Kenny and Jane Naughton! They are based in Spain and represent gorgeous Spanish horses! As I was looking through the pictures they sent, I thought these 2 ladies look like fun, makes me want to get on a plane✈ and go horse? shopping with them. Check out there horses for sale at Enjoy!
Jamie 0034 622181903
Jane 0034 607912403
1) How did you get started in horses?
Jamie-I have been riding since 3 years old. My family are very horsey from jockeys to showing and my cousin worked in the industry for many years as a rider and groom. I helped out with her on summer breaks and rode riding school horses. As a teenager I worked at a big breeding stud and helped break in the 3 yr old babies! I got my own first pony at about 10 years old. I started show jumping as a kid and carried that on most my life. Here in Spain I competed regularly at national and international shows. After the birth of my first son I found myself more interested in dressage and switched disciplines. Now training weekly and hopefully will get to my first dressage show this year since I was a child!
Jane – I have always been into horses, my mother rode all her life in showing, side saddle and showjumping. So it was a natural progression for my brother and I to start on ponies basically before we could walk. We did lean rein and first ridden showing as tiny children and then I moved onto performance ponies, doing all disciplines and started to specialize in dressage in 2000.
How long have you been in business?
Jane – Jamie and I have been good friends for many years and a few years ago decided to start our business after being asked by a mutual friend to find a Spanish horse.
2) Do you ride, teach, train??
Jamie- I ride as much as possible at my trainers yard where I also keep our own sales horses, which I ride, (we have some super young horses in right now)
plus my trainers school masters which I get to practice the higher level stuff on!
Jane – I have a small training yard with 6 stalls and I have several horses of my own which I compete and livery for sales. At the moment as I sadly had to retire my rising GP horse I have a couple of younger stars in the wings, hopefully one to debut at PSG next year. I have some teaching /training clients but the business doesn’t really allow me to go teach a lot which is a shame because I love to teach. I train with Jose Daniel Martín Dockx who is amazing.
3)Tell us about your ” Day In The Life”?
Jamie- Alarm set usually very early Jane’s always a tad late. . ? and we meet usually at a local spot and then head off for the day ?
Its such a fun job! Sometimes days are long, and sometimes people send us really far. I recently went to see a horse right up North a flight away, and sometimes we take the train up to Madrid. We try the horses as if we are trying them for ourselves video everything unedited with sometimes funny commentary.
This year due to covid everyone has bought horses unseen. We are your test riders. And we check character legs, try and go on a trail ride.
Many times we have been sent to try a horse for clients and we just say it’s not for you, or I know you like it but it’s really hard to ride. So of course we do not make a sale but we keep looking until we find the perfect one!!!
Jane – We normally meet early after I have given the horses the once over and gone through the days plan with my groom. We share driving to the horses we plan to see that day, normally with a couple of essential coffee breaks!
There can be some distance between the horses we show to clients so when we are horse hunting, we tend to choose a location and see all the horses in that area.
Going together to the different barns allows to thoroughly vet the horses we find for clients, from trial rides to observing behavior in the shower, paddock, stables etc. So each barn we go to, we have a check list of information we get for each horse, give the horse a thorough check over for lumps, bumps, body condition etc. We will then ask to see the horse tacked up and watch the rider ride the horse before jumping on to try them out. We also try to ensure we check each horse will trail ride and see how sensitive they are to different riders. We film a lot of the rides, tacking up and hosing off to ensure we have as much information a possible for potential clients.
Normally we can see 4 – 5 horses minimum in a morning before we stop for a lunch break and carry on a little after lunch. Some days we can see as many as 12 horses, so we have to be meticulous with the videoing and notes we take for each horse.
Then we normally use our drive home to go over the horses we liked, and if specific clients are waiting for videos we start to send these across.
Then it’s off home for a well earned shower and normally a G&T!
4) What services do you provide- hotel reservations for customers? Travel to the barns? Vettings? Air flights for the horses?
If people are flying in for horse shopping trips, we help them book a hotel close to us. Then we pick up from airport, pick up and drop off everyday, and we have a splendid time driving around Spain and riding many amazing horses. We take care of every last detail so the trip is fun and hassle free.
Once you’ve chosen a horse we arrange PPEs with vets we recommend or of your choice. Then we sort out the buy and sell contracts, clients pay for the horse and then pay us the commission.
Then lastly we help you with the transport and stay in touch untill the horse is safely at your barn. Most the time we stay in touch long after that too as we love to hear how the partnership is going.
5) What do you do for fun on your days off?
Jamie- I spend time with my son and hubby. We enjoy beach days in the summer. Having a 4 yr old energetic boy for sure keeps you busy! Plus with the schools being shut since March its extra busy this year!
Jane- Id love to know what a day off is! Joking aside, I try very hard to spend time with my family, husband and friends. Normally going for a nice meal, to the beach or a Bbq. Taking my 4 dogs for a walk in the cooler weather.
6) 1 tip on selling horses
JAMIE- Don’t send heavily edited videos. People love our long raw truthful unedited videos which can show the good the bad ?
Jane – people are going to want a lot of information if they are interested in your horse, so be patient with them. It’s a big decision to buy a horse. Be transparent and approachable.

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