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A Spanish horse can only be called P.R.E. if it has a pedigree record that confirms this. In other words, both parents must have complete identification documents, both must be registered in the stud book of the Association of Breeders of Purebred Spanish Horses (ANCCE by its Spanish acronym) and must also be licensed. While the P.R.E. are purebred Spanish horses, an Andalusian is a horse with a Spanish pedigree, but in which at least one of the parents is not registered with ANCCE and/or is not approved. Otherwise, the PRE and Andalusians are quite one in the same. - Horses 4 Your Consideration is the best platform to find horses available for sale online in over 200 countries. We also offer affordable listing options for new customers.

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  • Dominant Breed Colors: Most common coat color is grey but they can be found in other colors
  • Typical Height Minimum: 15.0 hands|152 cm
  • Typical Height Max: 16.2 hands|168 cm
  • Country of Origin: Spain

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